Accelerated Free Fall Program (AFF)

Ground Training Course $199
AFF Level 1 $399
AFF Level 2 $399
AFF Level 3 $399
AFF Level 4 $399
AFF Level 5 $299
AFF Level 6 $299
AFF Level 7 $299
AFF Level 8 $299
Solo Skydive (after level 8) $95
Refresh Course (if required) $50




All jumps include equipment hire, parachute packing and full instructor briefing and debriefing. 

Learning to Skydive solo at Skydive Auckland with our 8 level AFF program is on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means you only pay on the day, for the skydives that you do. 

AFF Levels 1 - 8 can be completed to your own schedule and must be booked in. You need to do a jump every 30 days to meet NZPIA currency requirements otherwise a theory refresh course would be required.

A Certificate

After the 8 Level AFF Program has been completed, to gain your A-Certificate, an internationally recognized licence, you must complete:
5 coaching jumps ($149 each), further developing your free fall and canopy skills. The price of each jump includes instructor, brief & debrief, equipment rental and parachute packing.
12 Consolidation jumps ($95 each) includes equipment rental and parachute packing
Parachute packing course ($69)


The full cost of the A Certificate (including AFF), assuming you do not need to repeat any AFF or coach jumps, to get all your jumps and be eligible for your NZPIA A Certificate,  it would cost $4945 NZD. 

You must complete the NZPIA A Certificate exam (additional cost).



Sport Skydiving

Once you have achieved your A Certificate you are officially a sport skydiver and you can continue your skydive training and progression towards your B Certificate and beyond. Additional coaching is $149 + equipment hire ($35).