Learn to skydive with Skydive Auckland's Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program and you can be skydiving solo in only 8 jumps!

Skydive Auckland is New Zealand's largest tandem skydive, sport skydive and learn to skydive center. Our  AFF skydive training program will teach you all the skills you require to be able to skydive solo, learning comprehensive skills for flying your body and piloting your parachute. Upon completion of our learn to skydive program you will be able to skydive on your own - what an achievement!

Accelerated Free Fall Program (AFF)

Ground Training Course $199
AFF Level 1 $399
AFF Level 2 $399
AFF Level 3 $399
AFF Level 4 $399
AFF Level 5 $299
AFF Level 6 $299
AFF Level 7 $299
AFF Level 8 $299
Solo Skydive (after level 8) $95
Refresh Course (if required) $50

The total price of the AFF course, assuming you do not need to repeat any AFF jumps or do a refresh course, would cost $2,991 NZD. 

Learning to Skydive solo at Skydive Auckland with our 8 level AFF program is on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means you only pay on the day, for the skydives that you do. All jumps include equipment hire, parachute packing and full instructor briefing and debriefing.

Ground Training Course

The first step towards learning to skydive is to complete one of our AFF Ground Training Courses, which take place every month (see our event calendar). This 1-day skydiving course lasts 6-8 hours and teaches you everything you need to know including how to exit the plane, how to fly a specific body position, how to fly and land your parachute safely. At the end of the day you are ready to throw yourself out of a plane and start your journey to skydiving solo.


AFF Level 1

Following completion of the Ground Training Course you can choose to take to the skies to do your Level 1 AFF jump on the same day, weather permitting. This is a Tandem Jump and during your 45 seconds of freefall you will respond to hand signals to adjust your body position, keep altitude awareness and deploy your parachute before flying it down yourself.


AFF Levels 2 - 8

AFF Levels 2 - 8 can be completed to your own schedule and must be booked in. You need to do a jump every 30 days to meet NZPIA currency requirements otherwise a theory refresh course would be required. 

Prior to completing your first solo skydive, you will be required to become affiliated with the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association.  The cost is $50 per year.  Affiliation will be explained to you during your AFF training course. 

Once you have purchased and received your course voucher, please forward the voucher to our team to make your reservation on info@skydiveauckland.com. For AFF Ground Training please check our events page for dates.

I haven't done this before, what do I need to know?

When it comes to learning to skydive, everyone has questions, so we've compiled a list of FAQs which should give you all the information you need. If you do have any further questions, please contact our Operations Manager.


A Certificate

Once you complete your 8 level AFF program here at Skydive Auckland, the learning and fun doesn't stop there, you can now work toward achieving your first recognised skydiving licence, the NZPIA A Certificate.

During Skydive Auckland's A Certificate training program your learning curve will continue to be steep, as you are taken step by step through our unique progression system specifically designed to enable you to build on what you have already learned. You will discover a variety of ways to exit the aircraft, how to jump safely from low altitudes and learn more advanced body positions and skills. Learning to skydive has never been so much fun!

Once you have successfully completed all of the requirements and have a minimum of 25 skydives, you are able to sit an online examination to gain your NZPIA A Certificate.

After the 8 Level AFF Program has been completed, to gain your A-Certificate, an internationally recognized licence, you must complete:
5 coaching jumps ($149 each), further developing your free fall and canopy skills. The price of each jump includes instructor, brief & debrief, equipment rental and parachute packing.
12 Consolidation jumps ($95 each) includes equipment rental and parachute packing
Parachute packing course ($69)


The full cost of the AFF Programme AND A Certificate, assuming you do not need to repeat any AFF or coach jumps, to get all your jumps and be eligible for your NZPIA A Certificate,  it would cost $4945 NZD. 

You must complete the NZPIA A Certificate exam (additional cost).



"I wanted to give you some feedback on my journey through the AFF course.

It's been amazing, one of the best dropzones I've been to to get it done. Third time's a charm right.
You, the instructors and staff have been great.
From the communication in getting booked in and making sure that I would get to jump, rather than make the journey out to Parakai and find it wasn't suitable weather. To the instructors working through each level, taking the time to answer questions and make me feel relaxed and never rushed to get on the plane and seen as just a number.

I have been made to feel very welcome and comfortable by all.

Looking forward to completing my console jumps with you guys soon."